Engine Steam Cleaning

We take pride in everything we do and we treat your car with upmost care and professionalism. 

Steam cleaning your engine is best carried out by professional valeter as it takes knowledge and experience as well as a high level of understanding car and commercial engines. 

We work to remove oil and grease from the engine compartment and bay as well as under-side the bonnet and then we steam clean and dry and dress. Some engines should not be pressure washed but they still can be professionally cleaned. Throughtout the steam cleaning process we protect all electrical parts. 

We have been steam cleaning all makes of cars, including luxury and super cars for decades and we continue to keep up with the changes in technology, engine care and maintenance as well as the right products for the job. 

Come and talk to Phil about an Steam Cleaning by visiting us at Lewes Car Valeting in Lewes or calling us on 01273 486123.