Full Valet

  • Hand wash vehicle
  • Steam clean engine compartment, wheels, wheel trims, wheel arches and door shuts
  • Alloy wheels are cleaned with a non acidic alloy wheel cleaner then steam cleaned
  • Dry engine & engine compartment
  • Polish engine bay shuts & dress engine (not with engine lacquer)
  • Paint work machine compounded (cut back) to virgin finish (removes oxidisation, minor scratches and abrasions)
  • Hand polished with quality cunaba wax polish
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean & redress exterior trims and rubbers
  • Paint wheels & wheel trims (if needed)
  • Redress tyres
  • Clean roof lining, fabric work on side panels & doors
  • Clean & polish door shuts
  • Clean spare wheel and redress tyre (internal wheel only)
  • Wash & polish spare wheel belly
  • Empty & clean ashtrays
  • Vacuum interior
  • Shampoo seats & carpets (hot)
  • Clean & redress plastic & vinyl work
  • Clean interior glass

Vehicles Equipped With Leather Interiors

Leather will be cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner & re-fed with a quality feed to replace lost protein and lanoline.

Please Note: Heavily soiled vehicles will be subject to an extra charge. This would be discussed with the customer prior to work being carried out.