Car Detailing

Often we are asked by customers to explain the difference between a valet and detailing. 

A valet is the performance of a extremely thorough clean, polish and wax of a vehicle. It helps preserve the vehicle in peak condition and if performed every few months will help retain the cars value. 

For us, car detailing is the premier of a clean, it is cleaning at a meticulous level with the aim of restoring the car to showroom quality with removal of light scratches, swirl marks, any contaminates using degreasing and detail clay and producing a deep exterior clean. The exterior wash itself can take over 3 hours and that's without going under the bonnet. 

Detailing includes a thorough engine clean and all areas of the car that are often overlooked, for example the petrol flap and cap which will be thoroughly cleaned with small soft brushes to remove all contaminates. The exterior detailing will includes a deep polish followed by our Zaino premier rang of protection products and a sealant such as Diamondbrite to protect contaminates from embedding back into the paintwork. 

Valeting is much more than a clean and we advise if you wish to keep your car in good condition then a regular valet will help ensure that happens. Detailing is the next level up from a valet which can take several days to complete.

If you wish to know more about our detailng service then speak with Phil on 01273 486123